Speaking Topics: It's Time to Transform

“The health and success of any company is dependent on the health and success of its people.” - Dr  Asa Andrew

For years as America’s Health and Lifestyle Coach®, Dr Asa Andrew has been teaching countless thousands how to handle their health – from losing weight, to avoiding the most common health challenges, to learning the foundation of healthy living. Our bodies are like any organization or company. In an extraordinary company or organization, building wealth is more than just about turning a profit. It’s about the people and the ROI of producing a great product or service. Similarly extraordinary health is more than just eating right and exercising. There are certain key principles to follow for those who are moderately healthy to those who are thriving in their health. Whether it's learning principles toward “Empowering Your Health", or applying “The Success Prescription", Dr Asa Andrew has an array of speech topics that can cater to your organization or company's needs with immediate results to your bottom line.

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What makes Dr. Asa an Effective Teacher?

“The word doctor literally means teacher.If I don’t teach you something, I haven’t done my job”. – Dr. Asa Andrew

Dr. Asa Andrew

Spend the day with Dr. Asa and learn how he is teaching people from all levels of companies and organizations to overcome most health challenges by yielding amazing results in their daily “life performance.”  Dr. Asa is real, relevant, and transparent. He makes the most complex health information basic and easy to understand allowing your health to become the determining factor in your personal and professional success.  Asa Andrew will encourage, educate, and inspire your people with cutting-edge information combined with real-life a victories he has experienced throughout the years.


Empowering Your Health ®

Do You Want to Get Well?

Our Health, whether good or bad, has the power to impact the success of any organization or individual. Our health is our greatest asset: our health determines the bottom line. The health of any organization is directly determined by the health of its people. The way we feel affects the way we perform. Health determines everything in life. This topic is so neglected in today’s competitive and changing marketplace, that companies are losing billions of dollars and reduced productivity due to employee sick days. Dr Asa Andrew has developed a dynamic session based on principles from his international bestselling book, Empowering Your Health, which teach powerful steps toward of attaining and maintaining extraordinary health, both personally and corporately - even in the business world. Many of our clients request Empowering Your Health for their opening and closing session. This transforming keynote address sets the tone for your meeting or conference by providing priceless information guaranteed to increase your greatest ROI, the health of your employees.


Lifestyle 101®

The Secret to an Extraordinary Life

Join Dr Asa Andrew in continuing on a topic that everyone is concerned about when it’s typically too late…our health. We all long for greater relationships, more energy, and to excel in our careers. America’s Health and Lifestyle Coach® will take you on a high energy journey toward the pearls to transform your personal potential that will increase the bottom line for both you and your company.  These lifestyle-changing pillars are based on principles of his years speaking with countless thousands on radio and television, clinical practice, and points from his international bestselling book, Empowering Your Health. In this transforming keynote, Dr Asa provides common sense yet life-changing truths that will radically transform how we perceive our life and ourselves. He doesn't merely talk about health and medical mumbo jumbo —he clearly directs you toward a new prognosis in your life. This is the new prescription for inner change we all long for. The power of this presentation is in the extraordinary proof Dr Asa provides ... these principles of health, wellness, and success will empower your life like never before!


The Success Prescription®

The Inner Dose of What We Need To Succeed

In life we can hit certain plateaus that keep us from moving into greatness. Many times it takes something radical to move us into action…radical action. Success at any level begins with a healthy level of teamwork. All team members serve a great purpose, and must be healthy, and following the same vision to be successful. When you discover that you were designed to produce and to win, your role in the body of the company becomes crystal clear to you and those around you. This session teaches you how to maximize the success of your team by understanding your unique gifts, talents, and abilities. By understanding your value, you will contribute heavily to the health of your organization and prevent any dis-ease. There is no limit to what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit. Can most people succeed?" Dr. Asa believes that anyone can, given the right mindset, create the vital steps necessary to achieve a specific level of success. This is one of Dr. Asa’s most powerful presentations filled with inspiring stories, real life examples,  a lot of laughter, and the tools to create change in your life!


Diagnosis Hope®

8 Keys to Unlock Your Potential

The right mindset is everything when it comes to the success of any company. This means constantly learning new disciplines and improved habits that will contribute to achieving results. Regardless of what industry, occupation, or job responsibilities we have, the way we feel determines our productivity. Being able to focus, attain high energy levels, and maintain the right attitude is crucial for ongoing success of any organization. Discover timeless truths to unlock your health potential both corporately and personally. Nothing happens without radical action. In this keynote, Dr. Asa passionately teaches the transformation that occurs when we begin to make certain decisions in our lives. When you see this prognosis, your life will never be the same again!


Why Do Meeting Planners Hire Dr. Asa Each Year?

Because of his ability to customize his message and connect with the audience, his practical success strategies, humorous insights, and his contagious high energy level. Dr. Asa’s unique and charismatic style of delivery compels people to take their moment of new inspiration and information, and create a new movement of high application in their overall health, increased productivity, and company vision. Described by clients as dynamic, inspirational, and humorous, his powerful messages leaves attendees exhilarated, motivated, and ready to take action.

A national best-selling author, syndicated radio and television host, and world- renowned health expert, Dr. Asa Andrew has traveled around the world empowering people, both professionally and personally, to live extraordinary lives. As a speaker, educator, researcher, coach, and author, he is highly recognized for his innovative and informative common-sense presentations. On the cutting edge of health and productivity information, the key to Dr. Asa’s success is the time and effort he puts into researching each client’s business and industry. It’s no wonder that many of his engagements are repeat performances. Dr. Asa and his staff recognize that a meeting or conference of any size is a big investment. That is why they are dedicated and willing to team up with you to help make your next event the best you’ll ever experience!

A passionate communicator from the platform, Dr Asa Andrew teaches real world application from how to:


  • Lifestyle  Your Way To Health: Thrive Rather than Survive in the Workplace
  • Transform Your Life
  • Beat Your Own Genetics for Failure and Success
  • Weight Loss: Loose those unwanted habits, and keep them off!
  • Achieve Radical Results NOW
  • Leave a healthy legacy to your family



If we are to have any impact on the epidemic of diabetes and other chronic diseases in this country, we must all adopt a pro-active approach to healthy living. I have known Dr. Asa Andrew for years and see the passion he has to help empower people to make lasting changes." 

John E. Anderson, M.D. Board Certified Internal Medicine, Professional Member American Diabetes Association



For 35 years I have practiced in some of the most prestigious clinics in the country. Dr. Asa has created an amazing system to evaluate one's health. Dr. Asa Andrew is educated in all areas of health, wellness, and medicine. He is a true change-agent for this generation.

Joe Morgan, DO, Board-Certified, Director of Preventative Medicine



I've known Dr. Asa Andrew for close to 20 years. Working together with the Florida State Seminoles Football Team, I saw his integrity, desire, and passion toward helping people. Dr. Asa has a unique ability to inspire others to be better, live better, and achieve a healthier life.

Dave Van Halanger, Hall of Fame Head Strength Coach, University of Georgia



I've always said "Attitude is Everything." Dr. Asa Andrew has a super-fantastic attitude toward helping others live at a higher level. His focus on the mind and its affect on our health is right on target. He has been a close friend of mine for many years. He is truly a blessing to the lives of many.

Keith Harrell, Best- Selling Author, Hall of Fame Professional Speaker



Dr. Asa Andrew has an incredible gift of compassion and communication with people. His comprehensive use of health care in looking at the whole person; body,mind, and spirit, is a true pathway toward healing for this generation.

Dr. David Cooper, Senior Pastor, Mt. Paran Church, Atlanta, GA