Our Audience

Our audience is typically very engaged, more educated, and affluent than the average American home. They actively connect with our trusted and longstanding advertisers through network television, radio, and various digital platforms.

The Believe Health TV Effect

Each advertising partner is looking for a return on investment. But ROI is more than just product moving and revenue increases. ROI is about building brand credibility and trust, so it creates a win-win for our listeners and advertising partners.

Our Audience


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Millennials (18-34)
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Gen X (35-50)
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Baby Boomers (51-69)


Average Household Income

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38% households have an income greater than $100K

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Everyday listeners spend 57 minutes with the show each day

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Impact on the Lives of Our Listeners

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Ad Partner Opportunities

The trust that our listeners have with Dr. Asa and our network show personalities is strong, and it is a responsibility we take very seriously when partnering with a new advertiser. Our team works with each new advertiser in locating and dialing in the best platform and developing a relevant message. We also make a winning pathway and follow through with it in measuring results and progression in the process.

TV, Radio, Podcast, and Streaming Network

After almost two decades, Dr. Asa and our original network personalities and shows can be heard on more than 600 affiliates nationwide and reaches close to 300 million total audience.

Digital Network

Our digital platforms are ranked #1 in all health categories


Hosting and speaking at live events nationally and globally each year, Dr. Asa has multiple opportunities to expose your brand to the masses – in person.

Over the last 20 years, Dr. Asa has spoken to more than 100 million attendees live from the stage. Dr. Asa is a master communicator and is unparalleled in connecting with an audience. He shares the stage with his chosen experts to bring a live event experience that will build lasting relationships and create continued interaction.



Experience Dr. Asa and his chosen health and wellness experts LIVE as they share the stage on the secrets to living in peak performance by living a healthy lifestyle during our one-night Peak Living Tour Event. Dr. Asa and his hand-picked personalities join an all-star cast of top-selling authors and speakers as they expand on the healthy basics. In addition, the Peak Living Tour, all-day event will include topics on lifestyle, relationships, healthy living, and health protocol deep dives.




Dr. Asa will do a 2-3 hour power-packed teaching event on his proven principles for Peak Performance Living for beating genetics, increasing energy, slowing the aging clock, and how 50 is the new 30. This is the Dr. Asa classic event and works well for any church or business wanting to provide massive value to inspire and educate their team.

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