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What Is Our Dr Asa Andrew Show About?

Out of a simple desire to serve people and provide practical information to their lives, Dr. Asa Andrew began a weekend one-hour radio on one station with the support and help of radio icon, Dave Ramsey, and his team. After that local station was flooded with emails and phone calls after just the first show, Dr. Asa was asked to do an additional hour, and then another. In less than a month it became a 3-hour weekend show with some of the highest ratings in that local market just 6 months of being on the air. Soon an opportunity opened with the largest company in radio to turn it from a weekend show into a 3-hour daily syndicated talk show.

Currently, we are the fastest growing health-related talk show in the country with a combined 70 million listeners and viewers every week. And with new expansion into the overseas markets, we are not slowing down. Dr. Asa has a practical, common sense approach for everyone, regardless of his or her health and lifestyle goals. What started with a bedside manner to provide hope and encourage others still remains the same today.

The Dr Asa Andrew Radio Show expanded to add television and a new all-digital health content network called the Dr Asa Network. With the digital era growing at such a rapid pace in all areas of social media and entertainment, Dr Asa Andrew has added multiple audio and digital podcasts to the lineup of daily shows. The health talk radio show and newly developing on demand health shows are designed to help educate, equip, and empower people to make better decisions regarding the direction they choose to improve their lifestyle and well-being for everyday living.

The Dr Asa Andrew Radio Show became the launching pad for a new movement in health education for people striving for empowering your health. Each of the original shows on the Dr Asa Network will highlight experts in their field that have a desire to teach and provide hope for living a healthier lifestyle using all methods with radio, television, podcasts, and live streaming platforms to raise the standard in delivering the highest quality information combined with entertainment to help people live better.

Dr Asa Healthy Talk - Empowering Your Health Every Day

Meet Our Team

Wil Ingram Media Syndication Jay Patrick Executive Producer
Ed Lamburg Video Production Jon Garrison Chief Engineer
Mike Toth National Sales Joe Sparra Affiliate Specialist
Margaret Graeter, RD Content Advisor Katie Potts Broadcast Services