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The Empowering Your Health Now LIVE! Event Series is a nationwide tour by Dr. Asa Andrew, America’s Health Coach, into the major cities where Dr Asa Andrew and his nationally syndicated radio show and television shows are aired.

The event is a 4 hour Health and Wellness seminar aimed at helping give people hope to live better, make their bodies stronger, get their health back, and become the best they were created to be. You were designed to like an amazing life and Dr Asa Andrew will teach you the guiding principles and baby steps to help you gain progress to the better design of you.

Dr. Asa Andrew will bring his decades of research, teaching, and clinical practice of Lifestyle Medicine to educate, equip, and empower people on the health challenges individuals typically face. Whether it be chronic conditions like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, mobility, or just lack of energy for life, Dr. Asa Andrew has the information you need to Empower Your Health and Get Well, Stay Well, and LIVE Well!

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